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Program using a browser

You can program your embedded devices using a browser on any computer.

Usually programming embedded devices requires installing specific software. Using Wyliodrin makes it easier. All you need is a computer, a browser and an Internet connection. Sign up on Wyliodrin and start programming your boards. You can even use a public computer, as you do not need to install anything on it.

Visual & Streams Programming

It's no problem if you don't know a programming language.

With Wyliodrin you don't have to. You can program your boards using our visual & streams programming systems. Drag and drop blocks and Wyliodrin will write the code for you.

Program wirelessly.

Embedded devices are not connected to your computer.

While programming embedded devices, usually you need to connect them to your computer. With Wyliodrin, your device needs to be connected only to the Internet using a wire or WiFi. This way you can build cars or robots that can move around while being programmed.

Wyliodrin knows the language

You can choose your favorite programming language.

Programming embedded devices usually means learning a C or C++. With Wyliodrin you can choose the language you like from C/C++, Java, Pascal, Shell Script, Perl, PHP, Objective-C, C#, Python, Javascript.

Visualise sensor data

Visualise sensor data and debug your programs using graphs.

Choose from a large graphs library, drag and drop elements on your dashboard to monitor sensors' values. Use Wyliodrin's platform independent library to send signals to be drawn on the dashboard.

It's all about communication

Embedded device intercommunication is possible.

With Wyliodrin, mobile phone-embedded device communication is now possible too. This feature allows you to control your embedded device by using specially created apps on your mobile phone.

Expert's shell

You may access your board using a shell.

If you need more advanced tasks, you can access your device’s shell from the browser. No more addresses or port forwarding.

Remote programming

Your device can be anywhere in the world.

As the device is connected to the Internet, it can be anywhere. You can program it by simply logging into your Wyliodrin account. If you have a weather station or a remote automation device, you can program and control them from your home or office.

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