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We help you build and update your IoT apps




We help you gain IoT knowledge

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Why use Wyliodrin?

Wyliodrin allows you to prototype, deploy and maintain applications for Internet of Things systems.

Design your own IoT applications store and we get it deployed on your premises.

Wyliodrin improves scalability of industrial IoT systems by allowing you to push updates at one click away.

We assure each product runs secure applications using containers.

You can easily streamline the development process by using a solution that covers all stages of IoT development.

Whitelabel the solution and have your own application store to share with your clients.

Wyliodrin for Industry

  • Uses open standard technologies
  • Push applications and updates on milions of device
  • Deployed on your premises
  • Accessible cost

Wyliodrin for Education

  • Connect easily to your board and get started right away
  • Program a variety of boards wirelessly
  • Do the programming in both visual and traditional languages
  • Educational tool, easy to integrate into lectures and presentations

Use cases

Smart beverage dispenser

Bring smart beverage dispensers to fast foods worldwide and easily adapt them to your customers’ needs

Drone delivery system

Wirelessly manage your drone fleet and push updates on the fly

Custom smart home solution

Build a customizable smart home solution that can be easily deployed into your clients’ homes

CISCO Networking Academy
Red Pitaya
Educational Partners
University of Southern California
Ohio University
ALP Dillingen
Ulm University
University Politehnica of Bucharest
Alska University
Waterford Institute of Technology
Microsoft BizSpark
Dexter Industries
Supported by THINK Accelerate in Helsingborg, Sweden